National Activities

2017 National Lutheran Girl Pioneers Camp will be July 30-August 5, 2017 at Camp Bird, Crivitz, Wisconsin.
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Winners for the 2017 National Pine Car Derby:
Sunbeam Craft
1st place: Nadia Alejondro (Caravan 33); 2nd place: Claire Ziesmer (Caravan 803);
3rd place: Janna Prince (Caravan 106);4th place: Katrina Curia (Caravan 281);
5th place: Abbi Leverenz (Caravan 177); 6th place: Shyla Cole (Caravan 4)
LGP Craft
1st place: Bethany Fick (Caravan 155); 2nd place: Aeryn Booth (Caravan 292);
3rd place: Emily Kuehl (Caravan 800);4th place: Kylee Kramer (Caravan 165);
5th place:Rose Paul (Caravan 11); 6th place: Cody Kramer (Caravan 165)
People's Craft Choice: Cody Kramer
1st place: Norah Boodry (Caravan 461); 2nd place: Samantha Gutknecht (Caravan 551);
3rd place: Jordan Nord (Caravan 587);4th place: Emma Schroeder (Caravan 11);
5th place: Grace Lemke (Caravan 284); 6th place: Allie Hinz (Caravan 284) eNews

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Our Purpose

To guide girls to realize the joy of a Christ-centered life and how joyfully they can serve Him; their church; their family and their community.  LGP provides an avenue for girls  to develop leadership skills and to become service oriented, mission-minded young women.
"And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please Him in every way; bearing fruit in every good work, growing in knowledge of God."  Colossians 1:10

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Lutheran Girl Pioneers (LGP) is a Christ-centered youth ministry for the girls of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Church and those in fellowship with the WELS.  It is our desire to inspire youth to realize the joy of a Christ-centered life, while building strong Christian character and values.
Although camping and building fires might come to mind when you hear of Pioneers, today Pioneers is so much more!  It is an opportunity for girls to discover and develop interests in many areas such as drama, art, photography, and leadership.
In a nutshell, Lutheran Girl Pioneers strives to help young girls grow up to be happy, confident  Christian women serving our Lord in their church, school, home and community.

Program Planner

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An outline for planning your year. One free copy available per caravan each year.

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