National Activities

2018 National Pine Car Derby Results
LGP Craft Winners
1st place Ashlee Jochman
2nd place Kylee Kramer
3rd place Elizabeth Raczek
4th place Haley Urbanek
5th place Gracie Gauger
6th place Bethany Fick

Sunbeam Craft Winners
1st place Denise Anderson
2nd place Avery Smith
3rd place Brooke Heilman
4th place Rachel Morkrid
5th place Stella Kienetz
6th place Charolette Larson

People's Choice Winner: Kylee Kramer

Speed Winners
1st place Stefanie Sardina (average speed: 212.52)
2nd place Kiley Carroll (average speed: 211.63)
3rd place Penny Badke (average speed: 211.34)
4th place Danielle Lubeck (average speed: 211.31)
5th place Megan Schuenemann (average speed: 210.76)
6th place Grace Lemke (average speed: 210.37)

2018 National Lutheran Girl Pioneers Camp
July 29-August 4, 2018 at Camp Bird, Crivitz, Wisconsin

International Convention
Saturday, October 6, 2018
St. Paul's, Franklin, Wisconsin
Registration open now! Click on the Convention Registration link! eNews

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Our Purpose

To guide girls to realize the joy of a Christ-centered life and how joyfully they can serve Him; their church; their family and their community.  LGP provides an avenue for girls  to develop leadership skills and to become service oriented, mission-minded young women.
"And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please Him in every way; bearing fruit in every good work, growing in knowledge of God."  Colossians 1:10

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Lutheran Girl Pioneers (LGP) is a Christ-centered youth ministry for the girls of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Church and those in fellowship with the WELS.  It is our desire to inspire youth to realize the joy of a Christ-centered life, while building strong Christian character and values.
Although camping and building fires might come to mind when you hear of Pioneers, today Pioneers is so much more!  It is an opportunity for girls to discover and develop interests in many areas such as drama, art, photography, and leadership.
In a nutshell, Lutheran Girl Pioneers strives to help young girls grow up to be happy, confident  Christian women serving our Lord in their church, school, home and community.

Our History

In September of 1954, a girls club was organized by Mrs. W.J. Masewicz and Rev. Harold Backer at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in La Crosse, Wisconsin, with the idea in mind of completing a youth program for Christian fellowship.

On May 5, 1955, a meeting of six congregations from the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod from La Crosse, Wisconsin, Fountain City, Wisconsin, and Winona, Minnesota, was held at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church to draw up a formal constitution for Lutheran Girl Pioneers. The constitution was adopted on June 22 and the same day the first National council was elected.

The following year several meetings were held by the National Council. The group adopted their charter and set national dues. They accept the charm bracelet with a disk as the achievement recognition for Travelers. This was the year the first Lutheran Girl Pioneers manual was printed. St. Martin's Lutheran Church, Winona, Minnesota, was host to the first convention on May 16, 1956.

The year 1956-57 was another busy year for the National Council. This year the Spinning Wheel was adopted as the national emblem. Two new charms were added to the bracelet, the Bonnet for the Trailblazer achievement and the Spinning Wheel for the Homesteader. The group also adopted a temporary uniform. The first field day was held at Myrick Park in La Crosse, Wisconsin, on July 24, 1956. The first thirteen charters were presented at the second national convention on May 8, 1957.

Since then Lutheran Girl Pioneers has grown very rapidly, becoming incorporated in May 1961. With the grace of God we shall try to live up to our motto; "Loyal To Christ," and bring Christian fellowship to our girls.